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“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are bringing to these kids (and my kid!). I think these conversations and skills are so important, and I’m thrilled that [ ] is experiencing social/emotional skills as a regular part of school curriculum. It’s great to have reinforcement for things we are working on at home, and I love to see him teaching his little brother: “This is what Peggy does…”



“Thanks for your dedication and your great attention to detail! I look at those sweet faces in the preschool room and am so, so appreciative of all that you and the preschool team have done and continue to do to make such a profound difference in their lives.”


“Thank you so much, Peggy, for all of the fantastic classes you’ve done with the kids.  I’m SO glad I got to participate in them those first years. [ ] and I still talk about some of the things we learned!  As parents at the school, I hope we can help voice the value of these programs!!!”


“Thank you thank you for last night’s class and the 5 point scale. Sooooo helpful in my examination of our household power struggles!!”



“You have impacted [ ] positively in so many ways! She would come home talking about the classroom meeting every week. She was engaged in and excited about all the great strategies she had learned from you. You have an amazing way of listening to kids and making them feel heard and encouraged. I believe that the work you have done at the school is truly invaluable!”


“My daughter and I loved participating in the family strengths workshop with you! She went home and talked for hours about all of the fun that she had!”