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My daughter Mira has been on all of my scavenger hunts. She’s an enthusiastic supporter!

For this hunt she invited her Aunt Marni, a very close family friend, to come along. Marni was thrilled to get the invite as she has been front and center in Mira’s life since she was born.

The day was cloudy but warm enough to gather outside of the pizza shop to hear the rules. Each family was given a clipboard, a list of items/clues worth a variety of points (1-4), a map, and a granola bar. Off Marni and Mira went-full of enthusiasm and joy!

Aunt Marni and Mira had a strategy for the hunt. Since Marni had recently had surgery, they decided to focus on the area right around the pizza shop. They weren’t going for the win, so they just did things slowly and focused on having a great time.

Each team had their own strategy for the hunt. One raced around and focused on the points, often stopping to take their picture in front of a variety of park benches (one of the “to-do” clues). At 1 pm Aunt Marni,¬†Mira, and the rest of the teams arrived back at the pizza shop just in time for our warm pizza. I had the teams score their own hunt as we shared photos, videos, and¬†experiences. It was a sweet and bonding experience.

The team with the multiple pictures on park benches pulled ahead and won the event. They received Vashon Island mugs and a gift certificate, but that day I think all the families won!