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On November 29th, I’ll be facilitating my first local presentation on Helping Your Child Handle Tough Friendship Problems. Perhaps you are a Vashon Island parent curious about attending later this month, a PTA parent considering having me come to your school, or an educator seeking an energetic educational presentation: Whatever the case may be, I tailor each presentation for your unique environment. It is my hope that this blog posting will help you discover if this is the right choice for you.

1. This workshop is for any parent or educator of a child in grades K-8! We talk more about the normal ups and downs of friendship and how it impacts your child than serious incidents of harassment (though we do touch on that too)

2. Part one of the evening: 6 ways to tell how serious the friendship problem is. We use a continuum to show the two extremes: On the one end, “This is just a normal part of growing up. Kids will be kids. Let them work it out on their own.” On the other, “I want our kids separated. I must talk to the Principal. My child is having a terrible time.” As you may be able to guess, it is sometimes hard to get our own past history out of the equation so that we have a clear understanding of how to best empower our child.

3. We play games and have fun!

4. The second part of the workshop focuses on strategies, ideas and resources to use and/or to explore further. The idea here is action. You will leave this workshop with a tool kit. You will have inexpensive strategies and resources that you can try right away.

5. The third part of the workshop is about what to do if a friendship problem is more extensive or serious in nature. I will give you tips in approaching other parents or the school.