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Island Tribe Radio on Voice of Vashon

Peggy and Woody talk Programs, Parents and Good Clean Family Fun on Vashon Island, WA

Peggy Rubens-Ellis and Woody Pollock interview Vashon Island locals that work with or interact with island youth. For an island of around 10,000, we have an incredible range of skilled people with interesting backgrounds and philosophies. Peggy and Woody dig into their passions, their programs and how they help to make Vashon Island an amazing place to grow up–from birth to graduation. Join us as we interview everyone from a piano teacher to a physician and learn a Parenting Tip from each of our guests.

Slade McSheehy ~ Opening Doors for all Students

Peggy and Woody chat with our new superintendent, Slade McSheehy. Topics we cover include his new life on an island, creating a sense of belonging for all students and staff members, the way in which his school counseling and teaching background inform his current role, the importance of gratitude, and ways to open academic doors to all students. Slade tells us the various ways he interacts with students and teachers including riding each bus route (much to the chagrin of his sons) and meeting with various student groups. Click to listen

Alex Craighead ~ The Shape of a Circle Journeymen

Peggy and Woody talk with Alex Craighead about Journeymen, an organization that tackles the unspoken rules of masculinity with mentorship circles, rites of passage nature journeys, and father/son events. Alex tells us how he and his childhood friend founded the organization and what they hope to achieve: a world where boys and men can experience a wide range of emotions.   We talk about ongoing circles in schools and the way it builds connection and authenticity, the Hero’s Journey, and Alex’s own personal journey as a seemingly well adjusted youth with inner turmoil. Click to listen

Camille Reeves ~ Owner of Riverbed Studio, music instructor

There is Music in this House

Join Peggy and Woody as we talk to Camille Reeves about teaching music to young people. We chat about intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, nurturing a love of music, the effect that screen time has on our stamina for sustained practice and how to make practicing fun. Camille sings a beautiful folk song that she uses with her voice students. Click to listen

Stephanie Keller and Anna Waldman ~ Neighborcare School-based Clinic

If you have been wondering how we were lucky enough to have a school-based health clinic and what exactly they provide, listen in as Peggy and Woody chat with Stephanie Keller, clinic manager, and Anna Waldman, mental health therapist with Neighborcare Health’s school-based clinic. Anna and Stephanie talk about how the school-based clinic was funded and all the amazing services they offer—everything from sports physicals to dental care. We also talk about access, confidentiality, and youth taking ownership of health. Click to listen

Wendy Finkleman, VCA Director of Arts Education

What do mask making, comics, throwing paint at each other, Willy Wonka, and screen printing have in common?  Yep, they have all been offered as part of the arts education program at the Vashon Center for the Arts.

In addition to stumping both Woody and Peggy in a game of two truths and a lie, Wendy’s delightful interview shares the out of the box thinking that comes with an arts center on a small island. We talk access, scholarships, attracting all types of students from preschool to 12th grade, taking input from islanders, and watching kids come alive. Click to listen

Alex Craighead ~ Innovations in Physical Education

Fortress Invasion and other PE Innovations

These days, Physical Education is a place to learn to love fitness! On any given day you will see pool noodles, bike safety lessons, scooters and students sitting in circles to focus on sportsmanship and mindful breathing. Alex explains to us a tricky and complex game that the 4th and 5th grade students love called Fortress Invasion. We also talk about screen time, the obesity epidemic, team building and consent. Click to listen

Sally Adam, Specialist for ECEAP (Early Childhood Education Assistance Program)

Helping Kids Enter Kindergarten Prepared and Ready To Thrive

Did you know that Vashon Island is the recipient of state funds for an ECEAP preschool?

 Just like Head Start the goal is a comprehensive preschool program that provides free services and support to eligible children and their families.  Sally helps support the families by listening, helping them find resources, doing vision and hearing screenings, help set up dental work,  providing education for parents and a million other things. Click to listen

Scott Rice ~ Youth Sports Coach

How Many High Fives?

Did you know that 70% of youth drop out of team sports by the age of 13? In this fascinating interview Scott tells us how he learned about Positive Coaching and how it has impacted his athletes and parents.

We talk about the role of a coach being so much more than just a coach, his own involvement in youth sports and how that shaped him, and balancing sports with free time. On one of Scott’s teams the stats they collect is how many high fives were given.

Scott shares a tried and true tip about the 5 to 1 ratio and some suggestions for parents on raising a young athlete. Click to listen

Tracie Mach ~ Student and Family Support Specialist

A Dynamic Stage of Life

It takes a special person to appreciate and love middle school students—and Tracie is that person. Her love of youth shines through. In this interview she talks about her job in substance abuse prevention at McMurray Middle School. She tells us about her Sources of Strength prevention club and how it is different than the scare tactics used when we were young. Instead of focusing on the high emotion aspects of drug abuse, the students talk about hope, help and strength. She also brings Substance Use Prevention lessons to all middle schoolers that teaches, among many other things, about how substance abuse can impact brain development. Click to listen